Everything you need to know about SERIALNINE

If you've owned any 90s Toyota or Lexus sedan and you're planning on modifying it, you would have noticed that sourcing suspension parts can be quite difficult. Vehicles such as the Aristo/GS, Cressida, Verossa, Blit, IS/Altezza, Crown and Chaser are often sort after vehicles but are quite niche. Although there's a lot of support for their engine, there is limit support for the suspension and body components. Lots of people are often limited to importing parts from Japan, provided they can find the manufacturers that make the parts.

Gerard de Peralta started SERIALNINE in 2008 building, manufacturing and drifting Toyota Cressida's and being an active member in the JZX community. SERIALNINE grew into other chassis and with that, the demand for their products grew significantly. Producing high quality parts for chassis that the main manufacturers seemed to had forgotten or overlooked, as well as making them into pieces of art that's admired.
Sedans had always caught Gerard's eye. When asked why sedans and wagons, his response is "I chose sedans because I saw TEZUKA drift one in a video and it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. They're also just more car to love. Like more gangster, more doors, more seats, more features, more space for stuff and they came with big sick engines (JZ/UZ/RB/VK etc). Wagons are just sick period."

The rate that SERIALNINE grew provided challenges, as Gerard had to go from being a young kid who was experienced in building cars to becoming an entrepreneur that had to learn marketing, customer service, business skills, finance, web design and all of the ins and outs that go with building and maintaining a business. On top of this, Gerard then also had to learn CAD design, suspension theory and practice, and various manufacturing and design skills so that not only could he produce the parts, but ensure that they would handle and provide the best performance possible.

SERIALNINE has been dubbed "The King of Sedan" for their huge impact in the aftermarket and drifting scene as well as their focus on the customer experience. SERIALNINE really stands out among manufacturers as they have a major focus on esthetics and style that's paired with innovation and quality. Every design and feature is required to meet these focuses, and if it doesn't, then they redesign it again. 
Everything that they do is designed to provide the best experience for their customers, from product packaging and installation to the use and appearance once installed.

The future focus for SERIALNINE is to build and grow the lifestyle and brand of the business to grow the audience and the community behind SERIALNINE. As Gerard has been focused on community engagement from the beginning, back in the JZXProject blog days, this aspect of the business is very important to the business and everyone is very much looking forward to where S9 goes into the future.