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HKS Blow Off Valve Super SQV IV D Kit UNIVERSAL

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Product: Super SQV IV D Kit Universal Part Number: 71008-AK003

SPECIFICATIONS: Included in Kit:

  • SSQV IV D Main Unit
  • Boost Drive Controller
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Additional Short Parts for Easy Installation


  • Universal Fitment: Please note that this item is designed as a universal fitment. Depending on your vehicle, additional parts such as flanges, pipes, hoses, etc., may be necessary for proper installation.


  • Premium Aluminum Die-Cast Body: Crafted from clear-coated aluminum die-cast material, the body of the SSQV IV D boasts both durability and aesthetic appeal. This blend ensures a durable and eye-catching presence in your engine compartment.

  • Dynamic Triple Fin Design: The distinctive triple fin configuration at the funnel's core produces a captivating and aggressive sound profile. For those seeking a personalized sound, an optional Round Fin can be purchased separately for fine-tuning.

  • Recirculation Option Available: Swap out the triple fin for the recirculation fitting, allowing you to redirect discharged air back to the intake tract (please note: hose not included). While recirculation fittings are not included in Universal kits, they can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

  • Versatile Pull-Type Performance: Unlike traditional push-type blow off valves, the Super SQV's pull-type design ensures consistent performance across a wide range of boost pressures. Whether you're driving a stock or highly tuned vehicle, the Super SQV will perform without any risk of leaks or inconsistent operation.

Revitalize your turbocharged experience with the HKS Super SQV IV D Kit Universal. Elevate both performance and sound, while enjoying the convenience of a versatile fitment. Designed for universal application, this kit is the pinnacle of precision engineering from HKS. Gear up for an unparalleled driving experience.

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