About us

We've all experienced poor customer service and difficulty trying to source parts for our cars. One issue that always frustrates me is when you constantly keep getting promised when your product will arrive and it never comes. After experieneing this way too many times, the team behind Skid Worlds decided that they had enough of it and wanted to create a space that all customers and suppliers are kept up to date with the appropriate communication.We want to provide the best service that makes you feel valued and provide the best information to assist with your build. The community is our highest priority, and we want to showcase the community as much as we can.

Our service is to find niche products that are suited specifically to your JZ car, and enhance your personalisation of your car the way you want to. We find amazing brands and showcase their products that are specific to you. Our product range varies between vehicle models, but we provide custom interior pieces, exterior body kits and panels, as well as suspension components. We aim to create the go-to spot for anything JZ related and ensure that you are getting the best product on the market.